Did You Know...
If you like Tic Tac Toe, Hit Hurricane has a tic tac toe bonus game to win credits.

Aug 07

Well I’ve just launched another website designed to help you get traffic. It is a text ad exchange, which uniquely combines the power of traffic exchanges and safelists into one powerful system! And of course, it’s free to join.

We have some very special launch offers that will only be available during our early stages. So make sure you join early if you want to take advantage of it. I’ve had many people tell me they wish they upgraded at EliteSafelist after it exploded into a top ranked safelist, so now is your chance for another great website with a lot of potential. :)

I’m not going to go too deep into it here, but please do me a favor and click the link below to join now:

Click Here to Join Fast Action Ads!

Jul 17

Well a brand new traffic exchange opened its doors earlier today:

Promo Lotto!

This is definitely a unique traffic exchange that stands out from the crowd. I’ve taken the time to explore Promo Lotto so you can decide whether it sounds like a traffic exchange you’ll want to join.

It is owned by Ed Tyner and Ryan Hogan, who respectively own Road Runner Surf and Traffic Punk . That starts off with a huge plus, because we are already dealing with experienced traffic exchange owners. But what makes Promo Lotto special?

To me, the most significant change is the way you surf for credits. Rather than earning credits per page surfed, you have lotto numbers that you try to match up as you surf. Depending on the number of numbers you match, you’ll win a certain amount of credits. If you match zero numbers, you win nothing. Overall, you’ll find the credit ratios to be roughly equivalent to any other successful TE.

Another thing that stands out is the unique design and layout of Promo Lotto . It is very different from other traffic exchanges, giving it more of a professional feel similar to Logiscape traffic exchanges.

Some of the other features are:

  • Customizable Surf Bar (Background of the surfbar can be changed to your liking)
  • Messaging System
  • Team Surfing
  • Chat Function
  • A List building Feature

My only concern is that I wish there were a more detailed tutorial, particularly explaining how you win credits, the potential credits you can win, and how to customize the surf bar. This would help people who are newer to traffic exchanges understand how the entire system works. It took me a bit to figure out what I was doing, and I have a fair amount of experience with traffic exchanges.

In the end, I’m very happy with what Promo Lotto offers. If you’re looking for a unique traffic exchange experience (or maybe love to play the lotto :) ), you will find Promo Lotto a fun place to surf!

Click Here to Join Promo Lotto

Jun 02

The main event for tonight… Intellibanners v.s. Banner Keyring !

Intellibanners sure introduced a great concept that will be a huge help to traffic exchange enthusiasts, a banner rotator. It was certainly a fantastic idea, however Banner Keyring also just went live and are now in an early battle for banner rotator supremacy. A little controversy already seems to be brewing at the NetMarketingForum, with the owner of Intellibanners , Josh Abbott, arguing that Banner Keyring "lacks creativity." You can see the thread at:


I decided to test drive both side by side to see which I thought was better for the customer, you and me!

First, both are nearly identical with their services. Both offer a banner rotator service that allows you to add one simple image and link into all of your traffic exchanges. Then you can manage which banners show at their website from your banner rotator account. Both offer statistics so you can see how well your campaigns run.

The big catch with Intellibanners is that as a free member, 80% of your banner impressions are yours, and 20% goes to upgraded members. You’ll also get to run 3 campaigns with 10 banners each. You can also enter in how often you want each banner to display. If you upgrade at $9.99 / month, 100% of the impressions are yours, plus you’ll get some extra from free members. You’ll also enjoy 10 campaigns with 50 banners each.

Banner Keyring on the other hand, gives all members 100% of their banner impressions. As a free member, you get 3 campaigns with 5 banners each. You don’t get to add as many banners as a free member, but you get 100% of your impressions, which isn’t too bad at all. However you can’t set how often each banner displays. By upgrading at $9.99 / month, you get unlimited campaigns and banners, source-by-source statistics, and can now set the frequency that each banner appears.

As you can see, each has their own benefits. Me personally, I’ll be going with Banner Keyring . I just think it’s a great service even as a free member, and if you need more you can certainly upgrade. Most importantly is that I’m not giving away free impressions to others, every display is mine.

Although you can upgrade at Intellibanners and get extra impressions from free members, I question how many free members will be actively using their service since Banner Keyring gives them 100% of the banner displays. That greatly diminishes the value of the Intellibanners upgrade.

Hopefully that gives you some insight into my thinking behind choosing Banner Keyring , but be sure to look at both so that you can make your own decision!

Click Here to Join Banner Keyring

Click Here to Join Intellibanners

May 22

Traffic-Splash has broken several of its own surfing records recently! Check out the stats they shared in their most recent e-mail update:

Guess what, we broke our daily surf record yesterday,
well actually, we smashed it! Or is that splashed it? lol

Pages surfed in a day
Increased from 214,552 to 224,862 pages

Number of members surfing 100 pages in a day
Increased from 735 to 743 members

My sad statto review tells me we broke three more
weekly records this week:

Active surfers this week
increased from 3893 to 3936 members

Average URL’s receiving hits daily
increased from 3243 to 3281 sites

Average number of members surfing 100 pages in a day
increased from 625 to 653 members

And of course these numbers are on top of being a top ranked traffic exchange at just about every significant ranking site.

Of course a week like this can’t go without some extras, so Traffic-Splash is giving Double Bonus Credits for surfing today!

May 22

Or however you want to call it. Some of the navigation menus are gone, other information has been removed, tags are scattered at the bottom, and an unauthorized link has ended up on the TEscoop homepage! Last time I used the word hacked I was corrected, but TEscoop has certainly been compromised in some way. :(

I’ll be sure try and repair this as soon as possible, though I will need to look through some of my saved files and see what I still have lying around. I apologize for the inconvenience, I’ve had a string of bad luck lately but I promise to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

As posted on my wall at home, “Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Author unknown.

May 21

Yes, StartXchange is giving away 20,000 Credits! No referring or surfing to win this time. Just be subscribed to owner Tim Linden’s blog for a week! Yes, that’s it!

Just join by May 25th and stay subscribed until June 1st and you will be entered for your chance to win. If you aren’t familiar with his blog, it is definitely worth subscribing either way. Some great content has been released recently, including traffic exchange owner interviews, great tutorials, and the “How to Spot a Bad Traffic Exchange” series.

You can find the post about the big credit prize at how to subscribe by clicking here. 

May 20

Trafficera says that it is now receiving 1 million hits a day to its website. This truly puts it into an elite category as one of the most active websites on the Internet today. Trafficera has announced that it has gotten a new look to celebrate its amazing growth!

Although Trafficera took the time to announce it, I personally haven’t found the new design to be very compelling or much of a change at all. However hopefully the change will bring about better results for affiliates who are actively promoting Trafficera.

May 03

StartXchange has a very popular team system that gives out a large prizes to its winners each month. However the prizes given out last month were incorrect, and the wrong teams were awarded prizes. Tim Linden has chosen to allow everyone who incorrectly received a prize to keep it (totaling 80,000 credits!) as well as reward the actual winners.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of reading blogs because there are just so many of them out there. But Tim Linden’s blog is receiving a lot of praise lately for the content of his blog, and even I find myself trying to visit if I have time. His latest posts include how to spot a bad traffic exchange, which is something I think every Traffic exchange user should know how to do. It helps reward the owners who deliver and helps you join quality programs.

Apr 29

Savvy Clicks is offering a deal of the week, and it is such a great deal I had to take it myself. They are offering 50% off their monthly membership fee for an upgraded account. As one of the most popular traffic exchanges running a Walker Script and with 10,000 members, this is a great chance to upgrade.

All you need to do is log into your account and look for the upgrade special link. If you aren’t a member yet, you can sign up here.

Savvy Clicks has also been testing a new feature that is already active! Now you can be rewarded for clicking on banner ads as well! While surfing, if you notice a message above a banner ad, click it and you will be rewarded with extra credits. This is a great new feature that will hopefully ad a lot more value to banner advertising at Savvy Clicks.

Apr 12

I’ll be honest, I don’t know the news on WolfSurfer. But here is what I do know.

WolfSurfer is an old traffic exchange that was neglected for awhile. Now Nathy Curiel has taken over the reigns, giving it a complete makeover and moved the database to the popular LJ script! With a huge base of over 40,000 members, this could be a force to be reckoned with if taken care of properly.