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Traffic At The Races doesn't give credits per page viewed. Instead, after 10 pages, you get to watch a horse race and win credits!

May 03

StartXchange has a very popular team system that gives out a large prizes to its winners each month. However the prizes given out last month were incorrect, and the wrong teams were awarded prizes. Tim Linden has chosen to allow everyone who incorrectly received a prize to keep it (totaling 80,000 credits!) as well as reward the actual winners.

I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of reading blogs because there are just so many of them out there. But Tim Linden’s blog is receiving a lot of praise lately for the content of his blog, and even I find myself trying to visit if I have time. His latest posts include how to spot a bad traffic exchange, which is something I think every Traffic exchange user should know how to do. It helps reward the owners who deliver and helps you join quality programs.

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